Ultra PRO 3x4 Regular Toploaders  (CASE)

Ultra PRO 3x4 Regular Toploaders (CASE)

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Part Number:R34L-CASE
  • This is the case quantity of 1000 toploaders (40 packs with 25 sleeves in each pack). If you are looking for individual packs, see this item instead.
  • This Ultra-PRO® 3" x 4" toploader is slightly lighter (in weight) than the standard 3" x 4" toploader; they are 12 gauge, where the standard toploader is 16 gauge (Ultra-PRO used to call this their "light" toploader)
  • Use to store and ship your Baseball, Pokemon, Beanie Baby and other trading cards
  • 12 mil rigid plastic
  • Top loading - opens on the short edge of the sleeve
  • Ultra clear
  • Approx. inside (usable) dimensions: 2-11/16" x 3-13/16" (6.8cm x 9.7cm)
  • Approx. outside dimensions: Outside:  3" x 4" (7.6 cm x 10.1 cm)
  • Opening is approximately 1mm (just over 1/32" or 39 pt)
  • Ultra-PRO® number: 81222
  • Our item number: R34L

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